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Buckfast Abbey

Buckfast Abbey

Buckfast Abbey in Devon, founded in 2013 The schooloftheannunciation. which is a centre for adult formation at all levels, responding to the Church’s call for a New Evangelisation, in which the Catholic Faith is joyfully transmitted anew in all its beauty, depth and vigour. We have been canonically recognised as a Catholic Institute of Higher Education by the Bishop of Plymouth, who is Patron of the School, along with Cardinal George Pell. We also benefit from the ongoing support of the Abbot and monastic community at Buckfast, and every programme of the School is harmonised with the rhythm of the Divine Office sung each day by the community of monks at the Abbey. The School of the Annunciation offers a range of courses in key areas of the Catholic faith to support the New Evangelisation. Some of them may be of interest to your members. All our courses are rooted in the Church’s Scriptures and living Tradition and present the teachings of the universal Magisterium. We use a collaborative-distance-learning model of short residency periods, course texts and online interaction for personal student support. The majority of our students are ordinary lay Catholics, probably much like the members of the Life Ascending Movement. As we seek to establish ourselves in the task we and you share as committed Catholics, that of making the Catholic Faith better known, I wonder if you and your members would be able to help us? We would be grateful for any assistance in making our courses better known. Pope Francis writes in Evangelli Gaudium of ‘the delightful and comforting joy of evangelizing’. At the School of the Annunciation we want to make the Joy of the Gospel better know, and help equip Catholics like your members to join in that joyful task. We would be very thankful for any help you could give us. God bless you, Fr Guy de Gaynesford Rector, School of the Annunciation.

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