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Amazing Irish married couple

  With a total of 198 years between them, this elderly couple from Ireland has the right attitude toward life. In this six-minute video, Seán Máirtín, who is 101 years old, and his wife Caitlín, who is four years his junior, reflect on their marriage and how they coped with coron
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International Congress in Rome

Rome International Meeting

Rome Congress The First International Meeting on the care of the elderly, will take place in Rome on 29 – 31 January 2020 The first International Conference on the pastoral care of the elderly “The richness of many years of life” is the response of the Dicastery for
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100 years between them

Love and Affection

At the launch of the first national conference for seniors in Ascending Life, Canada (this is their title), the guest speaker was Mr Jean-Louis Allard, former president of La Vie Montante. Jean-Louis reminded those present and us, indirectly, that we could be witnesses of God’s work t
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