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Group thoughts on Covid19

Eltham group during lockdown by Margaret Culley Everyone everywhere has been very challenged by this global pandemic – the good news has been how scientists and doctors have been, and still are, working closely together to find ways to control/eradicate the virus. We’ve also been huge
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40th Anniversary Image

40th Anniversary of Life Ascending

This should have been a year of celebration for Life Ascending, England. It is 40 years since the first groups were established in November 1980 and a number of events had been planned to mark this milestone. The Covid-19 virus pandemic was unforeseen and now all plans for a celebrati
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Elders, actors of evangelisation

The 9th World Meeting of Life Ascending International (MCR/Vie Montante International) took place in Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, during 19 – 23 November 2018.  The theme of this meeting «Elders, actors of evangelization in a mul- tigenerational and multicul
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General Data Protection Regulation banner

General Data Protections Regulation

What is The General Data Protections Regulation and why is Life Ascending mentioning this?  As we are a movement (or organisation) that holds personal details of each member, then Life Ascending is accountable. The General Data Protections Regulation (GDPR) is a ruling intended to pro
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Advent is a time of preparation

Advent Message

Waiting for God Sister Assunta DMJ & her talk on Advent – presented to the Addiscombe, Surrey group members Soon we will start Advent, the liturgical time of waiting for the coming of Christ. In the first part of Advent the final coming of Christ at the end of time is stress
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Life Ascending badge

Our Badge

We now have a badge showing the Life Ascending logo and it comes with either a butterfly clip fastening or a magnetic fastening.  The latter is best worn on lighter fabrics. The cost is £2.00 and can be obtained from Mrs Paula Conrad.  13 Spurgeon Avenue, Upper Norwood, London SE19 3U
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Day of Reflection

A Day of Reflection, shared by  Westminster and Southwark members will be held at Holy Apostles Church, Pimlico on 30 May 2017.  It will be full of interest and we look forward to hearing about the work of Pax Christi from the General Secretary, Pat Gaffney. If you would like to atten
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Westminster condolence

Being part of an International movement has many benefits as we know.  Knowing we have good and loving friends across the world, at times of distress and sadness is very consoling. Monique Bodhuin, is President of MCR (life Ascending) France and she immediately sent our President, Ros
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Lenten Journey

It is always a very sad moment when our members are no longer able to come to the Life Ascending meeting. Frailty, ill health and immobility means that travelling and mounting steps and even keeping awake, prevent someone fully enjoying a few hours with their friends. The Year of Merc
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Smiling Margaret

Life Ascending President

Our President Margaret Snowdon, has been in office for twelve years.  During this time she has carried out her duties with enthusiasm, sincerity of heart and deep faith.  Now the quest for a new President is on.   The President meets with the National Team twice a year and they are th
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