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Elders, actors of evangelisation

The 9th World Meeting of Life Ascending International (MCR/Vie Montante International) took place in Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, during 19 – 23 November 2018.  The theme of this meeting «Elders, actors of evangelization in a mul- tigenerational and multicul
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Lenten Journey

It is always a very sad moment when our members are no longer able to come to the Life Ascending meeting. Frailty, ill health and immobility means that travelling and mounting steps and even keeping awake, prevent someone fully enjoying a few hours with their friends. The Year of Merc
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A problem shared


Exercise, a healthy diet, good sleeping patterns – we know that all of these are good for us and help us live healthier lives. But there is another, simple way, to put some sunshine back in your life, and it won’t cost a penny. Be grateful, and show it. It doesn’t take much effort 
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Pope Francis

The elderly

“ … We are all a little fragile-the elderly. Some, however, are particularly weak, many are alone, and affected by illness. Some depend on the indispensable care and attention of others. Will we take a step back for this? Will we abandon them to their fate? A society without closeness
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Valuing Old Age

Valuing and cherishing the elderly The author Nicci Gerrard, interviewed on 19 October 2014 in The Sunday Times (Style magazine), spoke tenderly of her parents and understanding the value of old age. She says “to be old is to have lived a life, something we forget when all we se
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