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Ideas for Groups

Each member is precious and every Group unique

There will be members who feel they have little to contribute, but in fact, with encouragement and time their special gifts are revealed. As much as possible, every member, should be included in the activities of the meeting.

Besides hymns, prayer and The Word of God which form the heart of our meetings it is sometimes good to vary the format and include something different. It is good to share ideas and we always want to hear about your Group activities and things that have worked.  Below are listed a few ideas which you might find useful

  • Visual presentations

    always make a change and a DVD of Marian shrines, Holy Land, Life of a Saint or an appropriate film not only are enjoyable but can be used as a means of prayer, discussion and sharing views.  Times have moved on from audio tapes but they are still of value and now there are a multitude of  CD’s both audio and music, to choose from.

  • Writing to persecuted Christians

  • sending letters of encouragement (Christian Solidarity Worldwide and Iraqi Christians in Need)
  • Writing to thank for a TV programme

    let a producer know why a programme was disturbing or in bad taste.  Always give precise examples of what pleased or offended.

  • An anonymous Question Box

    where the parish priest, local councillor or police could be invited to answer.  Sometimes there is a burning question a member longs to have answered but is afraid of appearing ignorant in front of others.

  • A Liturgical Scrapbook

    everyone contributes prayers, pictures, cuttings to the book and this is kept as a special Group keepsake.

  • A table

    where books can be exchanged

  • Knitting for babies in Africa 

    knitting garments for African babies

    These African babies are really poor and many are born with Aids.  The little souls come into the world and have nothing, so are sent home wrapped in newspaper and this is why they are called ‘Fish and Chip’ babies.  The African nights are cold so these little garments are really welcomed. The jumpers are very easy to knit and are knitted in one complete piece.  They can be made in an afternoon or evening.Knitting Pattern The only real stipulation is that the garment is knitted in bright, dark colours as so often the garment is never washed. bright stripes look good and oddments of wool can be used.  Please, no pastel shades

  • Keep Christmas cards

    in a box and take out one each day and pray for the person who sent it.