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The Life Ascending Newsletter will be sent to each group every few months via email. Not everyone has a computer or access to one, but within a group at least one person will be able to print off a copy and share it.

Life Ascending News will be a means of communicating up-to-date news,events and the occasional article until the main Journal is published in the Autumn. Your suggestions, dates of group events and anything you might like to share with other members, is always welcomed. Do please send your contributions to Mike vie web, email or post.


The Life Ascending World Congress – Madrid 2023

Paul Donovan and Mike Palowkar represented Life Ascending/Ascent  UK   from 15 -19 September 2023.  Paul put together this comprehensive report, on his return.  The rich and full content offers much food for thought and discussion.  It is a valuable resource that can be used in our groups.


The Ascent Movement (Booklet by CTS 2001)

The Ascent Movement Booklet - CTS Publications 2001

Prior to the Year 2000 The Catholic Truth Society approached ten New Movements of the Church and asked each of them to provide a complete synopsis of their movement, including aims, history, Papal documents, constitution and so on.

A small group of National Planning Team members set about collating everything they could, to present to those organising the publication of the booklet.  It proved to be well worth doing, as  the CTS said “As we read all that you sent us, we felt we had been on a mini retreat, because everything we read  touched our hearts ” It was printed in 2001 and has proved to be a very useful little booklet, but unfortunately it is now out of print.



Life Ascending Handbook