Life Ascending UK Logo 2015



At the moment there are no groups in the Northampton diocese, but there is some exciting news.

On Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 February at 2.00pm there was an opportunity to learn all about Life Ascending.  This took place in The Parish Hall, All Saints, Manchester M15 6BW   Tel:0161 236 6762  Poster for 24 & 25 February

After all the advertising only two people turned up on 24th and two on 25th March, but one mustn’t lose heart. Fr David Lannon is going to have an afternoon meeting, with those interested and hopefully take the idea further.

Maybe Our Lord is calling you to start a group – take courage and pray for His guidance.

The Life Ascending brings such joy to each member and it would be wonderful to know that many more people are able to enjoy the fruits of this movement, through parish groups.  The whole emphasis of an Life Ascending meeting is our blessed Lord speaking to each member, through His Holy Word and through love for one another.