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Amazing Irish married couple

With a total of 198 years between them, this elderly couple from Ireland has the right attitude toward life. In this six-minute video, Seán Máirtín, who is 101 years old, and his wife Caitlín, who is four years his junior, reflect on their marriage and how they coped with coronavirus.
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International Congress in Rome

Rome International Meeting

Rome Congress The First International Meeting on the care of the elderly, will take place in Rome on 29 – 31 January 2020 The first International Conference on the pastoral care of the elderly “The richness of many years of life” is the response of the Dicastery for
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Southwark Group Leaders

The Group Leaders of the Southwark Life Ascending will meet in the Prayer Room of  St Mary’s, West Croydon on Thursday 2 March 2017.  The Mass is at 10am and we then start with a hot drink and begin at 11am.  We will be planning a Spring event, discuss the Aylesford retreat and
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Pope Francis

The elderly

“ … We are all a little fragile-the elderly. Some, however, are particularly weak, many are alone, and affected by illness. Some depend on the indispensable care and attention of others. Will we take a step back for this? Will we abandon them to their fate? A society without closeness
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Advent Day of Recollection

Advent Day of Recollection The Holy Family Group, Thanet will visit the 7th century Minster Abbey on 2nd December Please contact Rosemary Traynor if you would like to join our group for the day. email:   Minster Abbey is at the heart of the village of Minster
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Prayers are needed for Margaret, our President and Mike, our Journal Editor and Treasurer, as they prepare for Namur on 14 – 17th October.  It will be a busy programme of discussion, sharing information and experiences with representatives from all the countries where Life Ascen
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The Elderly in a Changing World

October 2014 is an important date for VMI because it’s the date of the 8th International Meeting, to be held this year in Namur, Belgium.  It is an important occasion on which to go back over the significant moments which have marked the Movement’s history. In Namur 2014 we shall disc
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Treasure of Society

the Pope said. “We live in a time when the elderly do not count. It’s awful to say, but they are discarded. Because they are a nuisance to us. The elderly are those who carry history, that carry doctrine, that carry the faith and give it to us as an inheritance. They are like a
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our pension and the budget

Our pensions and the recent budget

Sometimes it is good to share the day to day concerns we all have whether it is health, family worries and personal finance.  The recent budget has highlighted something we all have to manage and think about, our pension pot and the future Jane Vass, head of policy at Age UK, said peo
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